Don’t forget to be Social on Social Media

Don’t forget to be Social on Social Media.

I often discuss with people how funny I find it that business owners are under the impression that as soon as they post something on their Social Media channels, it will magically drive millions of people to their business instantaneously. Let me ask you; is this how it works in the real world? Unless you are Beyonce, this most likely isn’t going to happen for your small business.

It’s necessary to mention, social media is an essential piece of the puzzle when marketing your business, but so is having a great website, sending emails, being apart of your community, networking, and most importantly, having a fantastic product and killer service!  There is no secret to success in social media, other than being social and remembering to treat your customers online the same way you would if they were standing in front of you.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Engage with your customers.

The way you build relationships online is the same way you create them offline. By talking to PEOPLE! If you attend an event and hang out on the sidelines and never speak to anyone, you would not be surprised that you didn’t meet anyone. It works the same way with social media. If you don’t respond to customers or guests, and never engage in or follow new people, it’s likely that you will not build relationships. By not responding to customers comments, photos or messages online is the same as that customer standing in your physical location, and you ignore them. You would never do that (or at least I hope you wouldn’t!)


Social Media Keeps you Top of Mind

Posting quality content on your social media pages keeps your brand top of mind. If you’re a coffee shop, you want your business to be the first place that potential guests think of when they are ready to meet their friends for coffee. Social Media can help you stay front and center. By posting fun content daily, that tells a story about your brand, this builds affinity and brand loyalty.  

Don’t Just Promote!

In the real world, you don’t like to meet or network with people who are pushing their promotions and trying to make a sale, do you? Why would you do this on social media, don’t do it! Keep the 80% 20% rule in mind. 80% Fun and 20% sales.  Just remember, BE SOCIAL, it’s social media.

Online Word of Mouth:

Encourage guest to share pictures while visiting, this is the new word of mouth. For example, If a guest has 1200 followers and they share an image of your product, your product will now be in front 1200 of their friends and don’t forget they have personally endorsed your brand as well.  When you compare this to standard “word of mouth” this equates to me telling one friend about your coffee shop over lunch, but when I share it on Instagram, I have now told 1200 of my closest friends in one shot. Engage your customers to become an army of salespeople for your brand on social media. Consider campaign ideas that might encourage your customers to share more, like contests for free products or gift cards. REMEMBER this is FREE Marketing!  

Share User Generated Content

Share Users Generated content is a great way to reward your customers for supporting your brand as well as show potential customers what real people see. It’s also a great way to build relationships with followers and get FREE content to use on your social sites.  When using user-generated content, please remember to tag them in the photo and give proper photo credit.

As a rule of thumb, there isn’t a trick to social media. The trick is to be authentic and let your brand show through.

Don't forget to be social

My Top 5 Podcast

I am a LOVER of Podcast! I’m always in search of the latest and greatest. I spend a ton of time in the car visiting clients and Podcast are a great time passer. So I thought I’d share my current favorite shows!

1. David Ramsey Show: This is all about money management. David teaches people to get out of debt and stay out of debt. The show is full of basic financial knowledge that can guide you to building wealth.

2. The Moth: Storytellers share their real-life experiences on the Moth stage in front of an audience. Sometimes they are downright funny, other times they hold life lesson.

3. Tim Ferriss Show: Tim Ferriss interviews highly productive people in different fields of work, and breaks down their habits and routines. It’s amazing.

4. Ted Radio Hour: Pure education! The Ted Radio hour focuses on one topic and pulls several different Ted Talks together to explore all sides

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Why Email Isn’t Dead!

This past week, I pulled stats for clients and noticed the numbers for Facebook had plummeted sharply. With all the news about Facebook changes, it wasn’t too big of a surprise, but because of the decline, I thought it would be a good time to remind you to work on your email list and explain why email marketing isn’t dead!

First, when you take the time to build your email list, you own it! It’s yours; it does not depend on trends, social media, or on what’s popular this week. Without an email list, you are hurting your ability to connect with your customers.

Second, and most simply, emails sell stuff! I promise you, the trick is having a good quality list of people who want to receive your message. I have a great example of a local business in Venice that began sending their email blast out weekly. Within one week they generated 10K in sales, just by spending a little time putting together their weekly email! WOO-HOO! that was music to my ears!!

Third, email helps keep your brand top of mind with your customers! I know you hate that only 20% of your people open your emails, but really, so what? They still see your name in their email box weekly, and that’s where you want to be when they or a friend is ready to make a purchasing decision.

I generally recommend Constant Contact; it’s cheap and effortless to use.  If you are a restaurant or a retail store, Zenreach is a great option as well. This product offers wifi in exchange for an email address which will allow you to build your email list quickly.


What are you doing to WOW your customers?

Over the last few months, I have been thinking a lot about what makes an individual prefer one company over another. In my experience, it is not always who’s the most talented, fastest, smartest or cheapest. A lot of time it’s about service. Is it easy to do business with that company? Does this company deliver on what they promise or communicate when there may be a problem?  Are they enjoyable to work with? Do they elevate my brand? Does their core value align with my core values?
For me, it’s the attention to little things that really WOW me about a brand. For example, a few months back I took advantage of Warby Parker’s eyeglass lens replacement policy. The policy states that when you purchase a pair of glasses from them and somehow the lenses are scratched within a year, they will replace the lens free of charge.  My order incidentally was lost in shipping, but I called their corporate office trying to track down the glasses, and it couldn’t have been a better experience.
There were a number of things that made the experience stand out as so unique. First, when I connected with a  customer service rep, she already had my account pulled up.  WOW #1
Next, I told her my name and briefly why I was calling.
She apologized and mentioned she thought something might have happened in shipping and they would send out a BRAND NEW PAIR via express shipping. WOW, #2. I think I might have even said WOW on the phone. I was almost speechless at how easy it was to do business with Warby Parker.
Creating these WOW experience for your guest will create RAVING reviews and loyal fans of your brand! These people will do the advertising for you; sharing your content on social media, telling all their friends about your product and being a loyal customer. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to treat guest and clients well and it pays for itself ten times over.
So I ask what are you doing to WOW your customers?

How to spot fake Instagram Followers

You may have noticed that everyone seems to consider themselves an “Instagram Influencer” these days. Due to the sheer number of these individuals online, It has become a problem for brands to determine which Instagram Influencers can actually help your brand, vs. the ones that are just trying to score something for free

Using Instagram Influencers is a great way to build your following on Instagram as well as get the word out about your products or services. Here are a few tips for spotting a fake: 1. Check Engagement Numbers: Look at the engagement numbers on each of their posts in comparison to their number of “followers”. If you are new to Social Media, engagement refers to the number of users that have commented and/or liked your photos. For example, if the individual has 100,000 followers but only 2 or 3 comments or likes on each photo, they are most likely fake. You are looking for influencers with a significant amount of likes and comments on their content; I lean more toward comments as comments start a conversation.  

2. What type of people are following the Influencer?

Honestly, who cares about the number of followers, it’s more about what kind of people are following the account.

Check out 10-15 of their followers, if you click on several of the accounts and they have no pictures, very few followers themselves, and are following thousands of Instagram accounts, these followers might have been purchased.

However, even if the users are real, you still want to do your homework, check to see where some of the followers live, if I run a restaurant in Venice Beach CA, and all of the Influencers’ followers live in New York that might not be a good fit. Check to see if the followers meet your demographic.


3. Monitor your influencers account for a few days.

Check in on the account for a few days. If the influencers’ following grows by an average of 20 followers a day, and then one day they jump by 1000 for no reason (i.e. a new product launch or special offer, for example, would explain a jump in followers), this is a red flag, and they might have purchased followers.


Take the time to do a little homework to ensure you are inviting the right people to try your products and services.

 Just remember, social media isn’t tricky, it’s about connecting people!  

Build A Video Marketing Strategy That Grows Your Brand.

Creating marketing videos to highlight your business’s vibe, atmosphere, products, is a wonderful way to spread the word about your establishment, and give customers a sneak peek into the unique personality behind your business! Videos can be used to not only promote a drink, a dish, or a service, but it can also help you build a personal relationship with your customer so they feel as though they are part of your inner circle. 

Video Marketing isn’t just for selling goods either; it’s a great tool for any business. When selling a product, promoting an event, or offering a service, a video created for Social Media can help you stand apart from the masses and expand your customer base! For example, as a lawyer, you can create short videos explaining laws or legal matters to your customers, or use the video platform to keep your clients up to date on changes in policy that they might be concerned with. Videos not only keep the door open for communication by making you more personable, they also keep you top of mind, help you discover new clients, and may even help customers to view your business as leaders in your industry.

Another note for anyone on the fence about video: they do not need to be perfect. No one is perfect when they start, and it’s important to remember that over time you will get better. Just get started; it’s better to make a few mistakes along the way than to never start!!  

Videos can even be created using your iPhone and edited quickly and easily in iMovie for a more polished look! And if you want to give yourself a little boost in production value, you can always buy affordable mobile-compatible microphones and portable lighting equipment right on Amazon! When making your videos for the purpose of sharing on social media, just remember to keep the video short and sweet; no more than 1 minute!!

If you need help creating simple video content, let us know! Whether it’s simple and quick videos, or longer film quality videos shot with a professional digital movie camera, we’ve got you covered. Contact us for a quote!

Yelp’s Profile Categories


A few weeks back I worked on a project for a client to update several online portals such as yelp, trip advisor, grub hub and eat24. One of the items we double check was what “categories” our business had been listed under. This list was a pretty tough one to find so I thought I share Yelp’s list of categories that are available on the blog! Hope this helps you determine if your business page is listed under the correct categories!

  1. Nightlife (nightlife)
  2. Adult Entertainment (adultentertainment)
  3. Strip Clubs (stripclubs)
  4. Striptease Dancers (stripteasedancers)
  5. Bar Crawl (barcrawl)
  6. Bars (bars)
  7. Airport Lounges (airportlounges)
  8. Beer Bar (beerbar)
  9. Champagne Bars (champagne_bars)
  10. Cigar Bars (cigarbars)
  11. Cocktail Bars (cocktailbars)
  12. Dive Bars (divebars)
  13. Drive-Thru Bars (drivethrubars)
  14. Gay Bars (gaybars)
  15. Hookah Bars (hookah_bars)
  16. Irish Pub (irish_pubs)
  17. Lounges (lounges)
  18. Pubs (pubs)
  19. Speakeasies (speakeasies)
  20. Sports Bars (sportsbars)
  21. Tiki Bars (tikibars)
  22. Vermouth Bars (vermouthbars)
  23. Whiskey Bars (whiskeybars)
  24. Wine Bars (wine_bars)
  25. Beer Gardens (beergardens)
  26. Club Crawl (clubcrawl)
  27. Restaurants (restaurants)
  28. Afghan (afghani)
  29. African (african)
  30. Senegalese (senegalese)
  31. South African (southafrican)
  32. American (New) (newamerican)
  33. American (Traditional) (tradamerican)
  34. Arabian (arabian)
  35. Argentine (argentine)
  36. Armenian (armenian)
  37. Asian Fusion (asianfusion)
  38. Australian (australian)
  39. Austrian (austrian)
  40. Bangladeshi (bangladeshi)
  41. Barbeque (bbq)
  42. Basque (basque)
  43. Belgian (belgian)
  44. Brasseries (brasseries)
  45. Brazilian (brazilian)
  46. Breakfast & Brunch (breakfast_brunch)
  47. British (british)
  48. Buffets (buffets)
  49. Bulgarian (bulgarian)
  50. Burgers (burgers)
  51. Burmese (burmese)
  52. Cafes (cafes)
  53. Themed Cafes (themedcafes)
  54. Cafeteria (cafeteria)
  55. Cajun/Creole (cajun)
  56. Cambodian (cambodian)
  57. Caribbean (caribbean)
  58. Dominican (dominican)
  59. Haitian (haitian)
  60. Puerto Rican (puertorican)
  61. Trinidadian (trinidadian)
  62. Catalan (catalan)
  63. Cheesesteaks (cheesesteaks)
  64. Chicken Shop (chickenshop)
  65. Chicken Wings (chicken_wings)
  66. Chinese (chinese)
  67. Cantonese (cantonese)
  68. Dim Sum (dimsum)
  69. Hainan (hainan)
  70. Shanghainese (shanghainese)
  71. Szechuan (szechuan)
  72. Comfort Food (comfortfood)
  73. Creperies (creperies)
  74. Cuban (cuban)
  75. Czech (czech)
  76. Delis (delis)
  77. Diners (diners)
  78. Dinner Theater (dinnertheater)
  79. Ethiopian (ethiopian)
  80. Fast Food (hotdogs)
  81. Filipino (filipino)
  82. Fish & Chips (fishnchips)
  83. Fondue (fondue)
  84. Food Court (food_court)
  85. Food Stands (foodstands)
  86. French (french)
  87. Mauritius (mauritius)
  88. Reunion (reunion)
  89. Game Meat (gamemeat)
  90. Gastropubs (gastropubs)
  91. Georgian (georgian)
  92. German (german)
  93. Gluten-Free (gluten_free)
  94. Greek (greek)
  95. Guamanian (guamanian)
  96. Halal (halal)
  97. Hawaiian (hawaiian)
  98. Himalayan/Nepalese (himalayan)
  99. Honduran (honduran)
  100. Hong Kong Style Cafe (hkcafe)
  101. Hot Dogs (hotdog)
  102. Hot Pot (hotpot)
  103. Hungarian (hungarian)
  104. Iberian (iberian)
  105. Indian (indpak)
  106. Indonesian (indonesian)
  107. Irish (irish)
  108. Italian (italian)
  109. Calabrian (calabrian)
  110. Sardinian (sardinian)
  111. Sicilian (sicilian)
  112. Tuscan (tuscan)
  113. Japanese (japanese)
  114. Conveyor Belt Sushi (conveyorsushi)
  115. Izakaya (izakaya)
  116. Japanese Curry (japacurry)
  117. Ramen (ramen)
  118. Teppanyaki (teppanyaki)
  119. Kebab (kebab)
  120. Korean (korean)
  121. Kosher (kosher)
  122. Laotian (laotian)
  123. Latin American (latin)
  124. Colombian (colombian)
  125. Salvadoran (salvadoran)
  126. Venezuelan (venezuelan)
  127. Live/Raw Food (raw_food)
  128. Malaysian (malaysian)
  129. Mediterranean (mediterranean)
  130. Falafel (falafel)
  131. Mexican (mexican)
  132. Tacos (tacos)
  133. Middle Eastern (mideastern)
  134. Egyptian (egyptian)
  135. Lebanese (lebanese)
  136. Modern European (modern_european)
  137. Mongolian (mongolian)
  138. Moroccan (moroccan)
  139. New Mexican Cuisine (newmexican)
  140. Nicaraguan (nicaraguan)
  141. Noodles (noodles)
  142. Pakistani (pakistani)
  143. Pan Asian (panasian)
  144. Persian/Iranian (persian)
  145. Peruvian (peruvian)
  146. Pizza (pizza)
  147. Polish (polish)
  148. Polynesian (polynesian)
  149. Pop-Up Restaurants (popuprestaurants)
  150. Portuguese (portuguese)
  151. Poutineries (poutineries)
  152. Russian (russian)
  153. Salad (salad)
  154. Sandwiches (sandwiches)
  155. Scandinavian (scandinavian)
  156. Scottish (scottish)
  157. Seafood (seafood)
  158. Singaporean (singaporean)
  159. Slovakian (slovakian)
  160. Soul Food (soulfood)
  161. Soup (soup)
  162. Southern (southern)
  163. Spanish (spanish)
  164. Sri Lankan (srilankan)
  165. Steakhouses (steak)
  166. Supper Clubs (supperclubs)
  167. Sushi Bars (sushi)
  168. Syrian (syrian)
  169. Taiwanese (taiwanese)
  170. Tapas Bars (tapas)
  171. Tapas/Small Plates (tapasmallplates)
  172. Tex-Mex (tex-mex)
  173. Thai (thai)
  174. Turkish (turkish)
  175. Ukrainian (ukrainian)
  176. Uzbek (uzbek)
  177. Vegan (vegan)
  178. Vegetarian (vegetarian)
  179. Vietnamese (vietnamese)
  180. Waffles (waffles)
  181. Wraps (wraps)

LA SOCIAL KARMA is a top LA SOCIAL COMPANY (of course, it’s in our name)!

La Social Karma has an exciting announcement to make! We have recently unveiled a new partnership that allows our clients to leave us reviews and star ratings.

Clutch is the premiere ratings and reviews company for businesses, and we are so excited that we now are featured on their site.

Our profile highlights all the top aspects of our company, from our clients, our case studies, reviews, and contact information. They have consolidated anything and everything you could need as a potential social media marketing customer and have delivered it in one helpful space.

When talking to our customers, Clutch takes a unique approach, and we are thrilled with the results thus far. Our clients are quoted as saying, “In addition to providing strategic recommendations, they created an effective social media marketing plan.” Social Media is what we do, and we do it well.



Because our clients are so happy with our work, that has pushed us to top of the Los Angeles Social Media directory! We could not be happier with the positive “karma” our business is attracting. We are looking forward to the more collaboration in the future, including more pleased clients and successful media engagements, as well as more rave ratings and reviews. For more information on our business, profile, and reviews, visit

Do You Tend To Overcommit?

Who here has the tendency to OVERCOMMIT? I know I sometimes do! It’s a pretty common habit, especially with that inner entrepreneur screaming at us to do more, more, more! Think about it, how many times have you started the week with a million ideas and projects, but when all is said and done, you realized that the only tasks that got done were fillers, and none of them were big enough to count as forward-flowing goals for growth? Well, Carey from Lifehack Bootcamp has a trick to get us out of that rut and get the momentum going again. It’s called the CHAMPAGNE MOMENT. It’s a cool little exercise that’s designed to get you away from the time-wasters, and into what’s really important to the future of your business.

What’s great about this exercise is it’s designed to get you to prioritize your tasks and time each week in a way that gives you the most bang for your work block and allows you to work SMARTER, not harder. It forces you to really think about which task will get your life and business moving forward, resulting in accomplishing the one priority that would make you so happy you could pop a bottle of champagne in celebration!

Not just any moment can be designated a champagne moment. Sit down and really think about what you plan to accomplish during the week that will actually create a forward momentum in your goals. The key here is to make sure the task is attainable, but to put a deadline on it that is BEFORE the week is over so you don’t fall back on over-committing yourself by putting it off until the last minute. Once you get yourself and business in the groove of setting these weekly moments, you start to see the benefit of prioritizing monthly and even yearly moments as well. Imagine what you can accomplish if you stay on track with these goals!

Check out the video Carey made to get an even deeper understanding of getting started. And don’t forget to download your champagne moment worksheet below.

When’s the last time you updated your online directory sites?

A few weeks back I was tasked with a project from a client to review all of their online directory sites. If you have done this before you know this is a daunting task. I CAN NOT stress enough how important this is!!

As a result of the project the team found:

  • Menus on delivery sites with out of date pricing
  • We found sites connect to 3rd party menus services like single platform with outdated menu items and pricing
  • We found old and missing pictures
  • Wrong categories listings

Take the time to review all of your online ordering platforms as well as the following directories:

  • Google My Business ( Google Maps, Google Places, Google +)
  • Yelp
  • Social Media ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Trip Advisor

Next set a plan in place to have these sites reviewed. I suggest setting up a checklist login information, link to the profile, and categories. This will help streamline the process every 6 months. It’s important to add all new directory sites to the list as you go!!

Have You Heard? Facebook Newsfeed is Changing.

Facebook is making some big changes to their newsfeed, more value will now be placed on “meaningful social interactions and prioritize post from friends and family over post from publishers and brands.

Facebook will prioritize:
  • Posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people
  • Posts that you might want to share and react to
  • Posts from friends and family
  • Less Video in the newsfeed which will decrease your video watch time
  • Links to external pages will get less visibility. Thus, they won’t be showing as many links to blog posts, news
With all of the new changes, your strategy will need to change as well. Here are some potential changes to consider:
  • Mastering Facebook ads: This will be one of the only reliable ways you’ll be able to drive traffic off of Facebook.
  • Learn Messenger Chatbots: Moving conversations into Messenger and using bots will be a huge trend that will allow you to nurture leads and sell.

A lot of the above steps will likely require a complete shift in your current Facebook strategy. If you need help planning your marketing campaigns please reach out, we can be hired hourly to help with projects. Call 323-382-4169 or Email: to get a quote.

Source: Social Media Examiner

Create Your 2018 Marketing Calendar!

Happy 2018!

I always love the beginning of a new year, I love the idea of a fresh beginning. This is a great time to start planning your marketing for 2018. Take the time to create a quick marketing plan for the year.

The process can be simple…

Make a list of all major events and holidays that affect your business throughout the year, organize it by month.

Take each event and work backwards. List out how you’ll promote it, no need to get granular keep this highlevel. The idea is to keep you on track!

For example:

  • Create Valentine’s Day Flyer – Due Jan 15th
  • Create 5 Social Media Post Post Due Jan 20th
  • Create 3 Email Blasts – Due Jan 20th
Use this sample Marketing Calendar to stay on track

I always suggest working a month ahead. Take Valentine’s Day—in mid January, you’ll start preparing flyers and menus in order to have your emails and promotions ready to go for the last week of January. Once the flyers and menus are done you can start to promote your event on Social Media and via email marketing as well as adding events to local directories like opentable, your local chambers and asking other partners to help you promote.

Lastly, what I feel is one of the most important steps that most owners overlook because of timing, is to make a few notes on each event, how did it go? Was it successful, what marketing initiatives worked?

How does Facebook determine which ad to show?

I am constantly asked by clients “how does Facebook determine which ad they will display?”

Facebook uses an auction method to determine which ad will take the available inventory (ad space available). However, the auction isn’t solely based on whom bids the highest. Facebook aims to deliver a good experience for their users so they continuously monitor as they login to Facebook a million times a day. Facebook also takes into account how interesting and relevant they think the users will find each of these advertisers’ ads, and how likely they would take an action such as clicking or making a purchase after seeing the ad.

Facebook auction then ranks each eligible ad by its Total Value, and the ad with the highest Total Value will win the auction. Total Value is a numeric value calculated using several factors including the bid you submitted when you set up your ad, Facebook predictions about how the people in your audience will react to your ad, and how relevant Facebooks thinks your audience will find your ad.

Check out Facebook’s  E-learning course for more information on this:

4 Tips for Organic Growth on Facebook

4 Tips for Organic Growth on Facebook

1. Use Video: Incorporate video into your Facebook strategy, by uploading videos directly to Facebook and not just sharing  YouTube link.

2. Go Live:  This feature is new and still underutilized by pages. According to Facebook users spend 3x more time watching live video than nonlive videos.

3. Share from and tag other Facebook Pages:  Are you friendly with other business that complements your business or vendors? Plan to cross-promote content with those businesses.

4. Create an Ambassador Program: Build out your own program to engage users that are already sharing content. It’s a great way to build your online presence through word of mouth, increase your reach and reward your loyal customers,